Our purpose is to support you and your business in navigating the complexities of the Australian business landscape.

We’ll assist you in efficiently and effectively tracking your business results and ensuring you only pay the taxes you are legally obliged to pay.

We’ll be right there with you to reduce the financial stress that all business owners feel from time to time.

We communicate clearly to make the complex simple and ensure you feel on top of your business administration.

Do you have the best possible support to achieve the freedom you deserve?

Strategy, Planning & Implementation

We are Small Business Strategists. We assist our clients to make better business decisions, turning ideas into actions and achieving results.

Just like no two families are the same, nor are any two businesses. We draw on our unique combination of technical skills & experience and communication capabilities to address your unique opportunities and challenges.

We ensure you’ll receive advice that helps you make the right decisions; in language you understand.

We can assist with

Our clients come to us seeking to achieve all manner of financial and non-financials goals. The first thing we do is work to understand what it is that defines success for them. Some of the ways we assist include:

  • Making sense of the complex issues you’re dealing with in business
  • Creating plans to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Developing strategies that match your values & complement your business
  • Providing a sounding board for your ideas
  • Holding you accountable for the plans you’ve made
  • Developing & delivering solutions that manage risk & optimise benefits for our clients
  • Identify opportunities for consistent EBITDA growth and strong cash flow generation
  • Arrange capital for management teams to help their businesses to grow
  • Strengthening the ability to invest in tools & technology to continue to grow

How we help

The initiatives and projects we have assisted our clients with have been wide and varied over a 25+ year career. Amongst the broad range of services we provide are:
  • Planning and Profit Growth Strategies
  • Succession Planning Strategies
  • Business Structures & Restructures
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Capital Raising & Finance Applications
  • Valuations, Acquisitions & Due Diligence
We make the complex simple, if you need support in developing and implementing the vision you have for your business then please contact us for a no obligation conversation.


Shane brings over 30 years of financial, operational, taxation and advisory experience and is a Non-Executive Director of various client companies.

He’s previously held CFO positions in listed companies, Private Equity investees and in the Public sector and worked with a ‘Big 4’ Accounting firm.

Shane is a Chartered Accountant and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Shane’s “why?” is to provide an enjoyable & rewarding lifestyle for his family, one that blurs the lines between work and play and allows him to interact with (and learn from) fun and inspiring people, every day. His philosophy is that a family business is the key driver to wealth creation and achieving one’s life goals. Helping his clients articulate those goals and develop and implement strategies to achieve them (using the family business) is what sets Ryan Financial apart from the average accounting practice.

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